Why Is Your Hair Suddenly Crazy Oily?

Why Is Your Hair Suddenly Crazy Oily?
If your hair has suddenly become oily for no apparent reason you know how frustrating it can be to try to be one step ahead of your greasy strands. There can be many reasons for your trouble with oiliness. Here is the scoop on what could be causing it:
When stress occurs, the body releases a hormone called cortisol. As levels of cortisol rise, this sends the sebaceous glands in the scalp into overdrive, producing more sebum to cause oil buildup. To help lessen buildup of oil at the scalp, try to brush your hair to distribute those oils throughout all your hair.
You really are what you eat! If you consume high amounts of dairy, sugar, refined carbs and hydrogenated oils, these can cause overproduction of sebum. Extra oil can also mean your hair has a hard time holding a style. Try using hairspray. 
Hormone Imbalance Before/During Your Period
A hormone imbalance can occur before or during that time of the month. When the level of androgens (hormones) increase, the glands in your scalp can begin to produce more oil. Solution: try a clarifying shampoo during that time of the month.
It is Genetic
Sometimes an oily scalp may just be in your genes. Certain medical conditions/diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome, liver congestion, and Sjögren’s syndrome (a long-term autoimmune disease) can cause an overproduction of oil.
Deficiencies in Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin B6
Make sure to eat enough of foods with essential fatty acids and vitamin B6 to help combat excess sebum production. Essential fatty acids are found in nuts, seeds, fatty fish, and unrefined whole grains or can be taken as a supplement. It is also easy to combat Vitamin B6 deficiencies by taking a supplement. 

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