The Top Ten Tips When Coloring Your Hair

The Top Ten Tips When Coloring Your Hair
Coloring your hair can instantly make you go from blah to beautiful! That said, if you get it wrong, it can be hard to correct. That’s why (like everything else in life), you need to plan ahead and make sure you know what you want before jumping in. To help you with both of these, here are our top ten tips when considering a dye job: 

1. Find a Stylist You Can Trust
Trying a new colorist can be a bit scary, so the best way to calm your nerves is to do your homework. Ask for recommendations from friends or coworkers you trust. Also, if you happen to see someone with a gorgeous color of highlights, ask them who does their hair. They will love the complement!

2. Set Up a One or Two Consultations
It is always good hear different ideas and opinions and get to know the colorist before you commit to a change. This legwork will help prevent disappointing results.

3. Bring Pictures
A picture tells a thousand words…especially when it comes to hair color. With all the coloring techniques out there (balayage, ombre, babylights, ecaille, etc.), it is hard to keep up with colorist-speak. That said, if you have a few pictures, the colorist will know exactly what you like…even if you don’t know the name of the technique! 

4. Understand Your Skin Tone
A good stylist will be able to match your color to your skin—that is, whether you have a warm, cool, neutral tone.

5. Find A Childhood Photo
Many coloring experts will tell you that the best hair color for you is your natural childhood color. For many with lighter brown or blond hair, that probably means you could easily go a few shades lighter than you are now. 

6. Always Color After a Cut
This way the colorist knows exactly how you wear your hair and you don’t risk losing some fresh highlights!  

7. Dirty Hair vs. Clean Hair
Some haircare experts say that it is fine to come into the salon with dirty hair when you are getting your hair colored since the scalp’s natural oils protect it from the color dye. Others say that dirty hair look darker and may change what the colorist selects for your hair. Our recommendation—go for the middle ground. Don’t go in with freshly washed hair, but also don’t arrive with dirty hair (or hair that has lot of product in it). That said, if you are getting highlights, it is more important to arrive at the salon with clean hair to ensure the best results. 

8. Be Prepared to Change Your Hair Care Routine
Once you leave the salon with your new color and/or highlights, you need to change how you care for your hair. Steer clear of shampoos with sulfates, since they are harsh on your hair and can strip color. Also, make sure to condition regularly. Colored hair is more prone to damage than virgin hair. 

9. Go for A Gloss
If you want to keep your color looking fresh and vibrant, consider going back to the salon just for a gloss between your full coloring appointments. Glosses bring back the just-colored-my-hair look and add brilliant shine! 

10. Invest in a Shower Filter
Believe it or not, the water coming from your shower head can ruin your color. Some water is high in chlorine or contains certain minerals that can cause color fade. Many home improvement stores and large retailers, like Amazon or Target, carry shower filters.

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