The Anatomy Of a Perfect Ponytail

The Anatomy Of a Perfect Ponytail
You may have noticed that the ponytail has recently made its full transition from a casual day-to-day style to a real go-to red carpet look. What is incredible is just how amazing celebrity hairstylists seem to make this simple style look!

To let us all in on the secret to a great looking pony, Elle consulted with hair pro Florido Basallo. His professional tip: it's all about placement. 

To determine where your ponytail should go "align it with where your cheekbones are–on a diagonal–and pull it back to that point," Basallo says. "And then, take hairspray and a bristle brush, and kind of just like smooth all around it."
Tyler Joe 

There you have it…secret revealed! For the rest of Basallo’s tips on finishing a great pony, check out Elle.
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