Olaplex: Understanding the Steps of the Product That is All Over Instagram

If you happen to look at the Instagram feeds of any hair color professionals, you may have witnessed any number of them wax poetic about a product called Olaplex. Here is the scoop on this much beloved product. 

By all accounts, Olaplex does what no other hair product has been able to do–both prevent and repair damage. That said, the product has been thoroughly embraced by hair color professionals as a means of protecting the hair during the coloring process. Although not as widely known, the product is also sold directly to consumers for at-home use. 

In-Salon Use 

In salons, the use of Olaplex comes into play when lightening or bleaching hair. And now, with the immense popularity of platinum, pastels and icy blonde hues out there, it has become increasingly used to achieve the desired lightening without the risk of breakage. 

The system of using Olaplex involves the use of three distinct formulas at three different steps during a color treatment: ​

Step 1: Olaplex No. 1-Bond Multiplier
The stylist will add No. 1 directly into a client's hair color formula to rebuild broken disulfide bonds and begin the process of preventing damage and repairing the hair. 

Step 2: Olaplex​ No. 2-Bond Perfector
After rinsing the color from the hair, No. 2 will be applied and left on the hair for 10-15 minutes or so. According to Olaplex, the purpose of this step is to "continue to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible."

Step 3: Olaplex​ No. 3-Hair Perfector
This last step is a take-home treatment given to each client to use once per week between chemical services to lock-in results and continue to repair damage. 

In-Salon Results 

New ICE GOLD series in @guytang_mydentity colors in demi and permanent shades are everything! We live for this icy white blonde with glistening cool gold reflection! Here is the formula For all HairBesties! I lifted her natural level 8 with NEW Guy Tang #mydentity Violet powder lightener #Magnum8 with dedicated 20vol with 1/32oz @olaplex. I glaze over her hair with 1️⃣Guy Tang #mydentity demi 9IG Ice Gold with 6vol 1:2 ratio on rootagé 2️⃣Guy Tang #mydentity demi 50g 9IG Ice Gold + 50g Crystal Clear with 200g 6vol and process for 25 mins I am obsessed! New Guy Tang Mydentity Colors are now available online and in stores July 1st. Thank you to my artistic team last weekend in Denver @arianasin @hairbynoora and @hanna_dawn_and thank you @salontheorywashpark for your salon.

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New ???? #ChampangePop for the beauty #901girl ????????@EmmaRoberts ???????????? Stylist, don't forgot to remind your clients going from brunette to blonde, that "3 times a charm" ✨ it's near impossible to get that perfect blonde in one appointment. Clients, be patient with your stylist! Healthy, beautiful color takes time! ???? And make sure with every appt you trim those ends to keep the health of the hair ✂️ Emma was brown Aug 3, and before that red ???? this is her 3rd Blonding Appt, 3 trims, and her hair feels healthier than ever. ❤️ (Extra Healthy Hair Weapons: @olaplex in my lightener and @joico #lumishine 9NV + 9V to make that perfect #ChampangePop ✨) Happy Blonding! ✨????????✨ #3timesacharm #ninezeroone #✂️???? #mereecapri

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At-Home Repair of Damaged Hair

Finally, what many may not know is that the Olaplex No. 3-Hair Perfector is also available for consumers to repair damaged hair on their own–whether the damage stems from heat styling abuse or any other chemical process. 

According to the folks at Olaplex, the product contains the same ingredient found in their professional grade products and should be used only once per week before your regular shampoo and conditioner. The product can also can be used on all hair types and is free of silicones and oil that weigh hair down. 

Sounds pretty enticing. Are you ready for some DIY hair repair? We are in! 

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