Kim Kardashian Just Fooled Everyone!

Kim Kardashian Just Fooled Everyone!
Kyle Jenner, is usually the member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan that (as a lover of wigs) ends up keeping the public guessing as to whether or not her look-of-the-moment is just a wig or a real hair change. However, her sister Kim does not seem to share the same enthusiasm for wigs.

That said, when Kim recently shared a Happy Birthday wish to friend Paris Hilton on social media, her hair was suddenly platinum and cut in a blunt lob. The post had everyone guessing if she just chopped her hair off. 
As it turns out, Zoe Report, just confirmed that it was indeed a wig. She has been spotted in L.A. with her long, dark strands intact! 

Good fake out Kim!
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