How to Wear a Hat in Cold Weather Without Ruining Your Hairstyle-Hat Hairstyling Tips

It is a simple fact. To stay warm in very cold, wintery weather you should avoid venturing outside without wearing a hat. That said, you may hesitate to do so for fear that your trusty hat may just leave you with flattened "hat hair", annoying hair bends or even hair static.

The good news is that with a few quick adjustments you can both protect your hairstyle and protect your head from the cold. Just follow these tips and you can wear that hat worry free. 

Change Your Part 
Next time you are heading out the door, change your usual part to the opposite side of your head before you place your hat on your head. When you remove your hat, a simple flip back to your usual part will result in voluminous, hat hair free and static free locks! 

Try a Pony
Another good way to avoid flat hair when you wear a hat is to style hair into a high pony tail. By forcing your hair to go in the opposite direction of the way it naturally falls, it will help keep the hair bouncy. Note: If your hair is not long enough for a high pony, use a clip to pull hair up to the crown of your head. 

Since your hair is being pulled close to your head with this hairstyle, you also won’t have to deal with unfortunate hair creases that often result from wearing a hat. In addition, the pony will keep all of your hair in place and you are less likely to develop hair static and when you remove your hat!

Start with Dry Hair 
As tempting as it may be to grab a hat on those days when your hair is still a bit damp by the time you are ready to leave for the day, this is not a good idea. Why? If your hair dries while under that hat, the perimeter of the hat may leave you with a big, visible hair crease that will stick with you until next wash. Solution? Take the extra 5 or 10 minutes to fully dry your hair with a blow dryer. Your day will be better for it! 

Use Product
Also try spritzing your hair with a bit of dry texturizing spray or volumizing spray before you put on your hat. It will add extra volume and a bit of hold. Want further protection from flattened hair? Keep a travel-sized spray in your purse to add back volume once your hat is removed. 

This is a great volumizing spray for you to try: Kenra Professional Dry Volume Burst 3

Go Slow
Static develops by the rubbing together of two unlike materials–in this case your hair against the hat. To lesson that rubbing, don’t quickly yank your hat off of your head once indoors. This just enhances the rubbing effect and encourages extra static to develop. 

Stay warm everyone!

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