Emilia Clarke Goes the Distance!

Emilia Clarke Goes the Distance!
Just a couple of days ago, Emilia Clarke had everyone talking when the normally brunette actress suddenly changed her hair to platinum…channeling a look much closer to her Game of Thrones character’s platinum ‘do. This move made GOT fans begin to wonder why the actress, who has portrayed the platinum wig-wearing character of Daenerys Targaryen for 7 years, made the change NOW...could it be due to an upcoming plot twist?? 

Then, as of yesterday, that look suddenly vanished as quickly as it appeared. Posting this to Instagram, Emilia is pictured with director Ron Howard on the set of the new Han Solo movie. As you can see, she is back to brunette and has suddenly has bangs! Clearly, this look must be tied to her new movie character! 

Whether platinum or brunette, both looks just prove Emilia is willing to do anything hair-wise in the name of getting in character! 

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