Consider These 4 Expert Tips Before Highlighting Your Hair

Consider These 4 Expert Tips Before Highlighting Your Hair
I am usually in the mood to brighten my hair up a bit in the warm weather with some well-placed highlights. For those of you that get that same bug once the weather really starts to warm up, we thought we would share a few tips courtesy of Kyle White from the Oscar Blandi Salon in New York.

Be Strategic About Placement 
Where you place the highlights is significant. First off, always frame your face with the brightest and fattest highlights. In addition, copy how the sun would naturally highlight your hair--darker and sparser highlights at the root and lighter highlights at the tips. 

Add Depth and Dimension
Highlights should vary in lightness and size to accent your base color, not overpower it. Just avoid too much color variation. White recommends that no more than three shades be used on the hair-- a base, a highlight, and a low light. 

Work With Your Base Color
Avoid an excessive contrast between your base color and your highlights. According to White, your highlights should not be more than three levels lighter than the base color, or they will look stripy. 

Treat Hair with Care
Color-treated hair needs to be treated differently than virgin hair. First off, avoid excess shampooing. When you do shampoo, use sulfate-free and color-safe shampoos followed by conditioner. In addition, cover your hair while in the sun or use a UV protectant. Also…before you jump in the pool or ocean this summer, coat the hair with a protective oil. Both salt water and chlorine are not good for your highlights!

For more expert scoop on achieving and maintaining beautiful highlights, check out the full story at StyleCaster.

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