Amanda Seyfried Just Changed Her Hair in a BIG Way!

Amanda Seyfried
For as long as Amanda Seyfried has been on the scene in Hollywood, her go-to hair look has most often been sleek, straight and long. That said, of course there have been instances where she also rocked gorgeous loose waves, but straight, long hair has really been her iconic look.  

That is, until a few days ago. Appearing on the red carpet to support her new movie, Gringo, Amanda's blonde locks were transformed into a full head of lush curls! With a center part and two sparkly barrettes, her new look was a transformative moment for her! We simply love it!

This curly look comes on the heels of Jennifer Lawrence's new curly 'do that she debuted both during the Red Sparrow premiere and at the Oscars last Sunday...

Is this the beginning of a big celebrity curly trend? Only time will tell… 

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