A Reminder For When You Wear That High-Ponytail

A Reminder For When You Wear That High-Ponytail
High ponytails have become one of the go-to quick hairstyles of the moment and with good reason— they look great and also create a natural facelift. But beware you high ponytail fans…too much of a good thing is not a good thing….

Over time, if you continually pull your ponytail (or topknot for that matter) too tightly you put yourself at risk for developing traction alopecia, a hair loss condition that is the direct result of excessive pulling on the hair. 

As scary as that may sound, according to this eye-opening article in Marie Claire, you are only at risk if you wear a tightly pulled style very frequently. See the full article here for more details, including a few anti-breakage hair accessories ideas.
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