3 Things That May Be Making Your Hair Dry This Winter

3 Things That May Be Making Your Hair Dry This Winter
Winter brings many wonderful things...cozy nights by the fire, the beauty of fresh fallen snow, and (of course) the endless opportunities to wear your favorite boots!  

But one big downside of winter is the dry, moisture-starved air! The low humidity may bring frizz-free days, but it still can leave your hair feeling dry and susceptible to split ends and damage. To combat this dryness, you probably know that you should wash your hair less often and deep condition more often. 

Beyond those measures, Essence has also just pointed out that there are a few other things that you may be doing regularly that are also contributing to dryness. What are they??

1-Wearing Hats 
It is a good practice to wear a hat in cold weather, but hats (and scarves too) are often made of wool, fleece or cotton. These fabrics absorb moisture including the moisture from your hair. The way around it? Try putting on a satin or silk scarf before your hat. 

2-Not Drinking Enough Water 
Sometimes it’s hard to drink enough water! That said, drinking plenty of water is not only healthy for your body, but it is great for your hair and skin too. One more reason to drink your 8-10 glasses of water each day! 

3-Using the Wrong Blow Dryer
In the winter, the best blow dryer to use is one that is Ionic. They cut down on frizz and reduce drying time to prevent exacerbating dryness. 

There you go! Let’s get through this winter with great hair! 

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