Easy Tips for Removing Hair Dye Skin Stains

Easy Tips for Removing Hair Dye Skin Stains
If you have ever used at-home hair color, you know that sometimes it seems almost impossible to avoid getting dye somewhere on your skin. Next time this happens to you, follow these tips to remove those annoying hair dye stains easily: 

Gently scrub spot using an old toothbrush and non-gel toothpaste. 

Nail Polish Remover
Should the toothpaste trick fail, soak a cotton ball with either nail polish remover and isopropyl alcohol stain. 

Baking Soda
A particularly effective way to remove hair dye stains is by using baking soda. Just mix together with water to make a thick paste. Rub it on your skin without pressing it on too hard. After a couple of minutes, rinse it off to see if the stain is gone. If not, try again.

Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner
For tougher stains, try Lava soap and gently scrub the skin to remove all the pigment from the dye.

You are now prepared to take on any hair dye stain!
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