The Only Downside of a Pony

Olivia Culpo
Ponytails are having a moment right now. And with good reason. It just might be the most versatile hairstyle ever! This hairstyle is not only all over Hollywood red carpets, but for the rest of us the pony is also a great go-to hairstyle and a strand-saver between shampoos.

However, just one word of caution if you are a ponytail fan. Despite how great tight or high ponytails look, that tight elastic that keeps the pony in place can be detrimental if used too often. That's right. Excessive pulling on the hair can cause breakage or even traction alopecia, a form of hair loss caused by excessive tugging on the hair. 

Solution? Rotate your tight pony with a low, looser ponytail or other stylish updos, such as a topknot or bun. 

Here are some of our favorite high and low ponytail red-carpet looks for you to put into rotation ASAP (just make sure you remember to heed the above warning)...

Kelly Gale

Lais Ribiero

Charlotte McKinney

Jasmine Tookes

Ariana Grande

Olivia Culpo

Jennifer Lopez

Kendall Jenner

Hailey Baldwin

Anna Kendrick
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