Try This For Perfect Hair in Photos

Try This For Perfect Hair in Photos
With the many snaps we all take of ourselves (and significant others) in our daily lives, it is no wonder that we have all heard a bunch of tips and tricks on how to look best in photos. However, this gem from Pure Wow is one you have probably not heard before…and it is regarding your hair:  

As you are taking a photo, make sure the light (whether it's from the sun or a camera) is positioned in front of you.

If the light is behind you, it will emphasize frizz or flyways. In addition, the light will also shine through your hair, which can make your hair look thinner in the photo. 

In contrast, front lighting gives your hair a nice, healthy sheen--and, as a bonus, will do wonders for your skin by softening any harsh lines or shadows. 

There you have it! Now your hair will look great in every shot! Your welcome.
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