Selena Gomez Just Got Bangs!

As hot as bangs are these days, it is still a major hairstyle change that requires a new way of styling and managing your hair, especially in the Summer. That didn’t deter Selena Gomez from going for bangs again, right in the dead heat of Summer! 

Yesterday, her stylist Marissa Marino posted this to Instagram to confirm that the megastar has indeed gone for the real thing!

Guess who wanted bangs again ????????♀️ and is looking smokin hot tonight ????????????

A post shared by Marissa Marino (@_marissamarino) on

ICYMI, she is in good company with her new hairstyle choice; Sofia Vergara also took the plunge for bangs earlier in the month. 

Could this be the next hot, hot trend among celebs?? Only time will tell…
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