Just in Time for Summer: Another Supermodel Goes for the Big Chop!

Dismissing the old notion that models should keep their hair long, another top model has just gone for the big chop.

Who is it? None other than Jourdan Dunn! Appearing on the red carpet for the Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year Awards in London last week, Jourdan was sporting a new pixie, dyed a beautiful sun kissed blonde color.

This great new look is just the latest of the many versatile (and gorgeous) styles we have seen Dunn wear over the past year.

Here is a look at a few standouts: 

Long and Sexy at the Cannes Film Festival: May, 2017

Pulled Back & Voluminous at the MTV Movie and TV Awards: May, 2017

Half-Up at The Fashion Awards: December, 2016

Wavy & Modern at the Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Premiere, June 2016 

Wow! All equally flattering and beautiful. Way to go Jourdan!
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