How To Color-Treat Hair Without Chemicals

Whether you are considering a hair color change or go for dye jobs regularly, you probably know that hair color can include harsh ingredients like ammonia, which can be hard on your hair. In addition, depending on the manufacturer, dyes can also include certain ingredients, like parabens, that are not healthy for your body either.  

If, like us, you are always looking for more natural beauty alternatives, there are indeed natural ingredients that can change your hair color. Ready for some ideas? Here are five amazing natural ingredients that Byrdie has recommended to give you color without chemicals: 

Although normally known as naturally reddish in color, many henna dyes on the market are mixed with other natural ingredients to offer a range of bright colors depending on how long they are left on dry hair (normally from one to five hours). To get the most intense color from henna, hair should be covered in plastic wrap or a shower cap while the dye sits on your hair. Note--always do a strand test before applying all over. This is especially true if your hair is already bleached, which makes hair more porous/absorb color more quickly. 

Raw Honey
Raw honey is one of the more effective natural products to lighten hair because it contains traces of hydrogen peroxide when diluted. Just make sure you use RAW honey. You can either apply the honey with water or mix it with your daily conditioner. Whichever you choose, just let the mixture sit for two to three hours and then shampoo thoroughly. With patience, your locks should be a few shades lighter. Also, feel free to repeat the above process to further lighten.

Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice (activated by the rays of the sun) has long been a great option for highlighting hair. Using a spray bottle, just spritz the lemon juice on areas of your hair that you want to highlight. Then, grab a lounge chair or beach blanket and plan to sunbathe for a few hours. 
Just note: it is always good to do a strand test before applying to a large section of your hair. 

Why do you need the sun? The lemon needs heat to begin its lightening process. The more time spent you spend in the sun, the more prominent your highlights will be. Just note, the lightening process is gradual, so you may need to repeat the above two or three times. Also, be aware that lemons are naturally acidic and can be drying to the hair. If this concerns you, just add a bit of natural oil such as coconut, sweet almond or olive oil to your juice mixture. 

Chamomile can lighten hair like lemon juice and can also be applied using a spray bottle. All you need to do is brew some strong chamomile tea (the more bags of tea you use, the deeper the color change). Let the tea cool, transfer it to a spray bottle and (as you would with the lemon juice) just spritz the tea on areas of your hair that you want to highlight. After a few hours of basking in the sun, your hair will have highlights! As said above, it is always good to do a strand test before applying to a large section of hair. 

Believe it or not, cinnamon is another natural ingredient that lightens hair. Just add two or three spoonfuls to your daily conditioner, mix well and apply to your hair. Let this conditioner mixture sit for at least four hours. For even better results, cover hair in a shower cap and leave the mixture on overnight. Note, you may need to repeat the above a few times to see results, especially if your hair is dark. One thing you will notice immediately--your hair will smell yummy!

Happy experimenting—the natural way!

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