Hairstyles That Look WAY Better on Second-Day Hair

Hairstyles That Look WAY Better on Second-Day Hair
Second-day (or third-day) hair has its advantages…it usually falls better than freshly washed hair AND is easier to wear up—ponys, updos, braids, etc. Here are a few styling ideas from Byrdie that are just perfect for your lived-in hair: 

Looped Half-Bun
Photo: Love Blair
A simple model-off-duty style that is great for mid-length hair! Just spray some dry shampoo on your roots, rub in with your fingers and then loop the top third of your hair into a mini bun. Done!

Frayed Mini Bun
Photo: Pinterest
This mini-bun is perfect for those with shorter locks. It is similar to the looped half-bun above, but instead of looping your hair, you twist it into a mini ballerina bun and secure it with a clear hair elastic. Be sure to also let the ends fray out to add to the I-woke-up-like-this vibe. 

Twisted Messy Fishtail

Photo: A Fashion Love Affair
Create a messy fishtail. Just gather hair into a low ponytail, leaving two two-inch pieces hanging at your crown. Braid your low ponytail into a messy fishtail, then wrap the two strands left around the hair elastic. Perfectly imperfect!

Bubble Pony
Photo: A Fashion Love Affair
Just spray a texturizing spray or dry shampoo from the middle of your hair shaft to the roots, then secure clear elastics along your low ponytail, pulling each section apart to create a “bubble” effect.

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