Bouncy and Full Hair Right This Way!

Bouncy and Full Hair Right This Way!
When it comes to hair, one thing that is almost universally coveted among women is full, bouncy volume. That said, if you have fine hair or want to extend time between shampoos it may sometimes be a struggle to maintain volume every day.

The good news is that there are now so many volumizing products that can help you cheat your way to volume every day of the week–on freshly washed hair or 2nd/3rd day hair.

Ahead we have rounded up some of our favorite volumizers. Take a look. Pumped up hair volume is easier than you thought! Just chose your preferred form-mousse, spray or powder!   

Dry Bar Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Mousse
6.5 oz., $26.00

This root-lifting silky mousse will build bouncy hair using a pliable formula to prevent stiffness. They also add a special essential oil blend to add moisture to the hair. Perfect for anyone in search of gorgeous body and volume. Buy it here. ​

Ouai Volume Spray
4.7 oz., $26.00

Touted as being a weightless formula that “feels like nothing”, this body-building spray will add lots of long-lasting volume and bounce. Perfect for all hair types, especially those that shy away from heavy styling products. Buy it here. ​​

Hairstory Powder On 
1.35 oz., $36.00

This translucent powder creates “Bardot-worthy body” and extends time between wash days by absorbing excess oil. Think of it as a dry shampoo and volumizer in one! Buy it here.

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